Fall Semester 2014- Thursdays @ 7:00pm in Schulz 1121, First Floor $5 with ID


10/3- Field Trip- Matanza’s Creek Winery 10am

10/9- 7pm- Special Guest from Bordeaux, France!

10/23- 6pm- Student Wine Business Competition: Round #1!! 

            7pm Meeting- Larson Family Winery


11/5-11/20- Fall Seminars in Finance and Accounting for the Wine Industry and DTC (Contact Jessica Heing (707)664-3347 to volunteer)

11/6- 6pm- Student Wine Biz Competition- Round #2!!

        7pm Meeting- Duckhorn Vineyards 

11/8- Foley Food & Wine Event- Chalk Hill Winery

11/14- Constellation in San Francisco- Contact Jessica Heing at (707)664-3347 to attend

11/20- TBD: Guest from Georgia wine country, ancient winemaking

11/21- La Soiree In SF for Finalists of the Student Wine Biz Competition!!


12/4- Meeting- Holiday Wine

      - North Coast Wine Industry Expo in SR- 5-10 people needed to     volunteer- Contact Jessica Heing (707)664-3347

12/3 and 12/5- VESTA Sensory Evaluation Workshop in Santa Rosa, 1 person needed per day- Contact Jessica Heing at (707)664-334